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Loxa Chaga Vegan Mushroom Gummy Bears 8000mg - 400g Tub


Introducing Loxa Beauty's new chaga mushroom gummy bears! These gummies are an easy, tasty and convenient way to enjoy these dietary supplements, they are believed provide health benefits and have been used in traditional medicine. They are 100% Vegan, as well as -gluten-free and completely organic. Loxa Beauty Chaga mushroom...
CBD Brothers Immune Sheild 500mg Capsules - 30 Caps


Novel Food application number: RP438 Experience the benefits of Immune Shield Nootropic today! Our dedicated formula is designed to increase immunity, improve cognitive functioning, and keep you healthy. Ensuring your body gets the essential nutrients it needs, Immune Shield provides you with premium ingredients such as grape seed extract powder,...
CBD Brothers Cognifusion 500mg Capsules - 30 Caps


Novel Food application number: RP438 Maximize your mental capabilities with Cognifusion, a powerful nootropic supplement crafted to enhance cognitive activity, recall, and concentration. Composed of premium components such as 5HTP, Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Lion's Mane, and Caffeine, this effective formulation is made to help you reach your peak performance. 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5HTP)...
Naturecan Mixed Mushroom Blend Tablets - 90 Tabs


Introducing these brand new Mixed Mushroom Blend Tablets at Naturecan! If you want to take care of your general well-being, we have you covered with these Mixed Mushroom Blend Tablets to support you this season. Each of the Mixed Mushroom Blend Tablets contain 7 natural mushrooms, which have been studied...

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